Cedar Fence Repair

We have a $900.00 special on replacing up to 7 fence posts, (not gate posts) with each additional post installed at $200.00 each. We install gates at $150.00 per linear foot installed.This is a service not everyone can do because the new posts must go in the same place as the old posts. This can be tricky but we have been doing it for decades and are proficient at it. Most residential wood fences have post failure with the rest of the fence in relatively good shape.

Our service includes all of the following;Overlap-picture-frame-exposed-post-style

 1. New cedar or pressure treate posts
2. Minimum of 80 lbs rapid set concrete
3. Reattach fence to new post using screws
4. Haul away old posts and concrete
5. Clean up area, being careful around plants/shrubs.
Price for up to seven posts is $900.00 . Each additional post $200.00. Minimum charge is $900.00
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