Honesty, forthrightness and attention to detail are the essential core values that allow Embassy Enterprises to conduct business with the same degree of fortitude as our fences.


Jason Wishert founded Embassy Enterprises in the summer of 1993 as a yard care company that installed retaining walls, pathways and garden beds. Shortly after earning his Oregon construction contractor’s license in 2000, Jason recreated Embassy Enterprises as Oregon’s premier cedar fence installation company. Today we are dedicated to the process of hand-crafting the finest clear cedar fences in Oregon. Although our specialty has changed over the years, one thing that remains the same is our commitment to serving our customers to the best of our ability.

Radio interview 1: Jason Wishert

Dedication to customer satisfaction

At Embassy Enterprises, our mission is to wow our customers with the best fences and the best customer service in the business. We strive to impress our customer’s every day because we know we wouldn’t be in business without them. We’ve been in business for 21 years without a complaint because we treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated. We take pride in our ability to wow our clients and we like to think that our fences speak for themselves.

Emphasize Quality

In the spirit of serving our customers, we focus on building the best quality fence that we can. What makes an Embassy Enterprises cedar fence so unique is the exclusive use of Canadian redwood clear vertical grain cedar with a net thickness of 3/4″ on each fence board that will give your fence the integrity to last. Each fence comes double pre-stained with an award winning all natural plant based sun and water repelling stain.

We start with the best materials and we craft extraordinary fences with a careful attention to the details that really matter. Our clear cedar posts and rails (stringers) cap and trim boards make a fence so elegant and visually stunning, they always beckon a second glance. We love building the best fences in Oregon. In fact, the only thing we love more than building amazing fences, is our customers.

Radio interview 2: Jason Wishert

Meet the business owner

Jason Wishert believes in GIVING BACK to the community. Currently, Jason Wishert holds 2 records for his volunteer child advocacy work with the Oregon Judicial Department. The first record Jason Wishert holds is being the youngest male ever elected to serve as a volunteer Judicial Advisor. He was elected to the State Advisory Council in July 2006 at age 37. The second record Jason Wishert holds is the most State Supreme Court appointments by age 47. Jason Wishert has been personally appointed by the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme to his volunteer position 10 times in his 18 years of service to the children and families of the state of Oregon. Mr. Jason’s Wishert’s allegiance is to the United States of America


Frank Lloyd Wright was world renowned for his ingenious innovative designs that were decades ahead of their time. His insistence on the finest materials and extraordinary attention to detail make him our role model. Read More…

Fencing Innovations

Cedar fence technology has advanced into the space age. We have the technology to develop fences that are stronger, last longer and look better than ever before! We have specialized in cedar fences and gates since 2000, and after you’ve spent more than a decade demolishing rotten fences, it doesn’t take long to realize that water is your primary enemy in the Pacific Northwest. Once we identified the enemy, we developed a line of innovations including invisi-screws, invisi-clips and the indelible Post Cement Dome.


The post cement dome is the secret to the decade’s long life each fence has. In 2013, this dome that looks like a miniature concrete softball cut in half became constructed with a polymer modified vinyl concrete that is very crack resistant. After seeing thousands of fence posts ruined because they are sitting in a concrete bowl, the solution seemed so obvious. We chose a dome shape to keep water and ice off the fence posts and concrete domes themselves. We use a space age polymer vinyl modified concrete to make our domes because it is nearly indestructible. Our “Roswell Concrete” as Jason loves to call it, has a much higher compressive strength than traditional concrete, and the polymer seals so tight that this concrete resists acid!


A common failure point on wooden fences is the joint that connects the horizontal rail to the fence post. We build fences that are meant to last by using Invisi-clips. Invisi-clips are steel brackets that reinforce load bearing joints in our fences. By painting the clips to match the color of the wood, the clips are nearly invisible to the eye, leaving a more streamlined fence that can brave the elements and endure much longer than ever before.


Pioneering an innovation called invisa-screws, Embassy Enterprises makes all fasteners completely invisible. Invisascrew are 2″ long stainless steel screws applied from the back of the fence through the rail that make the our fences beautiful and strong. A fence built with inviscrews doesn’t have an ugly side. Embassy Enterprises now offers this unique service at an additional expense. Traditional screw configurations expose screw heads to the elements, which leads to rust blemishes on the ugly side of your fence. Embassy Enterprises has successfully eliminated the issue of fastener stain on the fence boards by using stainless steel screws. With our stainless steel invisiscrews, your neighbors will love your new fence as much as you do.

Environmental responsibility as a core value

As a forward thinking organization, Embassy Enterprises recognizes that social responsibility extends beyond providing good customer service; it’s about making the world a better place. That’s why we strive to operate as a green organization and adopt responsible practices into our daily operations. We want to make the world cleaner for future generations, and that’s why we do our part to make responsible decisions like recycling old fences to be used as mulch. We use plant based stains that are safe for the environment and we recycle old concrete to minimize waste.

We Use A Plant Based Stain For All Of Our Fences That Not Only Looks Great, But Is Great For The Environment

At Embassy Enterprises we don’t need your trees cut or removed along your fenceline. We build your fence around tree’s, maintaining the visual privacy a fence offers, yet allowing room for the tree to grow and move in the wind without damaging the fence.

Our passion for quality inspires our best work every time!

When it comes to professional Cedar Fence Installation we LOVE what we do and we think that you can tell from our satisfied customers.

We believe that what makes someone the best is not how many years of experience or training they have. We believe that what makes someone the best is how much they care!

Fences are fun to build and we bring a positive attitude to the jobsite. We invite you to read what our past customers have to say about their fence and business experience with Jason Wishert, owner and founder of Embassy Enterprises in our references section.

When it comes to professional Cedar Fence Installation we LOVE what we do and we think that you can tell from our satisfied customers.